Sunday, January 8, 2012

Disney shirts

We went to California this past summer for a long over due family vacation. It was Lil Rudy's first time and Daddy and I were so happy we finally went. We had a blast to say the least. I wanted us to have matching shirts for the character breakfast and our first day in the parks. On a side note, if you have the chance to do a character breakfast I suggest you do it. We did the Goofy's Kitchen breakfast buffet and it was great. There was a large variety of food, the characters were great with the kids, and we got a lot of pictures and autographs with several characters. Ok now back to the shirts, I decided on just a silhouette of Mickey's head. First, I ironed black fabric ( 54 cents for 1/4 yard @ Walmart) onto Heat n Bond (Ultra hold so I didn't have to sew! About $2 @ Walmart).
Then I used my cricut and cut out a silhouette of Mickey's head onto card stock. Once I did that, I traced it three times onto the Heat n Bond, cut it out, and peeled off the backing. Next, I placed the head onto a white t-shirt and ironed it on. Now, I wanted to make my Mickey shirt become a Minnie shirt, so I simply made a bow with ribbon and safety pinned it onto my shirt. I think the shirts came out so cute and very inexpensive.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year's!!!

So I totally wanted to post this yesterday but never got around to it because I was busy redoing my entryway and was too caught up in it to stop!! I decided this year I won't be making any resolutions because they never last for me. Instead, I'm making goals that I can hopefully achieve! I will not bore you with all my goals but here are my top five. (Your welcome!)
1. Enjoy my life more. I know it sounds so cheesy but I need to learn how to stop stressing out about every little thing. It doesn't solve anything and it makes me crazy. So if I can do this, I will be happier and so will my boys!

2. Take more pictures. The first year of my son's life I had taken at least three pictures a day of him. At least! But now, I'm lucky if I remembered to charge my battery. I feel horrible about that. His second and third year scrapbook are going to have very few pictures :(

3. Keep my house organized. I don't think my house is messy, it's lived in. I have a three year old who has yet to master the skill of playing with toys and then CLEANING THEM UP BEFORE playing with another toy. I'm working on that, him not so much! With work and school and a family I tend to let things pile up throughout the week and spend Saturday morning cleaning. If I can dedicate 15-30 minutes a day to keeping up with the house my Saturday morning cleaning will be cut in half which leads me to...

4. Make more time for scrapbooking and other crafty projects. I miss the time where I could put my son down for a nap and I could be creative for at least two hours A DAY! That hasn't happened since I went back to work full time and then started school again. My naptime freetime is now used for cleaning, homework, or taking a nap myself!

5. Blogging more. I love to blog hop and look at other crafty blogs so that's why I started my blog. Plus I was hoping it would get me motivated to do more projects. So if I can keep on with goals 3 and 4 I should be able to keep up with my blog!

So those are my top 5 and they seem easy enough to handle, but we shall see! I hope 2011 brings you and your family good health, good luck, and great memories!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snowman Soup

One day (back in winter '09) when I was walking around Dollar Tree I saw the cutest snowman mugs! You see em down there? Pretty stinking cute huh? Well I just had to have 'em! So I picked thru the shelf for the best looking ones. I thought they would be perfect for snowman soup!! Now who was I going to give snowman soup to? Of course my mom cause she collects snowman but who else? Kid of the Houses teachers! So off I went to Target to get my white filler paper (ummm I'm kinda in love with it!),candy canes, hot chocolate, and mini marshmallows. Well, you will never guess what I found @ Target!! You give up? OK....

SNOWMANMALLOWS...OMG just perfect for Snowman Soup right? Right! So I bought a package, okay 2. Once I got home I ate a few then started putting some into little ziploc baggies. I added white filler paper to the mugs, then hot chocolate and marshmallows. Then I realized I didn't buy candy canes! It was all the SnowmanMallows fault. They had me all excited that I just plain forgot about candy canes! So off I go to Walgreens. While in Walgreens I see chocolate covered marshmallow snowmen and just needed to have 'em for my Snowman Soup. Don't worry, this time I didn't forget the candy canes. Once I returned home I added a chocolate covered marshmallow snowman and 2 candy canes to the mug! So very cute!

I wrapped it up in clear cellophane, added some curling ribbon, and a tag with the Snowman Soup poem.

I cannot find the poem anywhere on my computer but I'm sure if you google "Snowman Soup," you can find it very quickly! Sorry :(

Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Wreath

Lately, I've been into wreaths! I'm not sure why but whatever! I wanted to make a fun birthday wreath that could be used for all of our birthdays. I decided on a primary colors plus green curling ribbon wreath. I had a foam floral wreath from Dollar Tree in one of those party totes and I have a TON of curling ribbon. All I did was cut strips of ribbon, double knot them around the wreath, and then curl with my scissors. Ta-da!!!

I thought it needed something more so I went to my cricut and cut out some birthday related shapes and a number 3, for the Kid of the House, and then taped them on! The awesome thing is, Man of the House turns 30 this month (shh don't tell him I told you!) so all I have to do is add a zero and I'm set!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Toy Story Party Favors

See how bad I suck at this whole blogging thing?! I told myself that if I blog for four out of seven days this week, I could finally buy the mirror/shelf/sweater hanger for my entry way that I have been dying to buy forever! So, I am now fully determined to do it! I am so determine that I decided to skip Desperate Housewives (it's on the DVR though!!) and get one post out of the way.

My son's THIRD birthday (OMG, where did time go?) was in October. We decided on a Toy Story theme back in April or May and I had been stocking up on party favors since then. I wanted a cute goody bag but couldn't think of anything. One day as I was looking through two totes of random birthday party stuff from previous birthdays, I came across two packs of lime green party bags left over from his first birthday. That's when I came up with this:

The eyes were cut from my cricut and the mouth and ears were freehand! The purple bottom was cut to fit then I traced a semi circle and cut it out. I wish my cricut could've done all the work but all the work was well worth it!

These were all the goodies in the bags. It was all super cheap (just the way I LOVE it!) and when I need about 20 goody bags it needs to be cheap! The books, bubble necklaces, crazy straw, and chalk were from Target all on clearance. The book and bubbles were 25 cents each, the straws were a 12 pack for 10 cents (I love when dollar spot clearance is 90% and there is actually good stuff left!!), and the chalk was a 36 pack but I don't remember how much (super cheap though!). The frisbee was 10 cents @ Party City and the sticker was from a 24 pack found @ Wal-Mart for $1.50. The Toy Story candies and Cheez-It's were also found at Wal-Mart. The fun dip was a 10 pack for $1.00, the other candy was a 12-14 pack for $1.00, and the Cheez-It's were a little less than $3.00 for 12 packs!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Little Mermaid Centerpiece

Here is a centerpiece I did for Man of the House's cousins daughters third birthday party! It was a Little Mermaid theme. I wanted to use my cricut but didn't have the princess cartridge that Ariel is on so I decided to use the Paper Doll Dressup cartridge but didn't like how the mermaid turned out. So off I went to my local scrapbook store and just bought a sheet of Little Mermaid stickers (made by Sandylion). I placed each sticker on white cardstock and folded the cardstock in half so I would have a back and front so you wouldn't see the skewer. (Hope that made sense!!) I painted the skewers Pool Blue and then attached the sticker and cardstock to the front and then just the cardstock to the back using the trusty glue gun and some foam squares. The blue pail and filler paper (which I already had on hand!) were from 2 different shopping trips @ Target and I must say it matched perfectly!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 2009

Yup, August 2009 is the date I decided I wanted a blog to share all the creative and amazing crafts I do! Then I realized I didn't have many pictures of the creative and amazing crafts that I've made because well, I hadn't made many creative and amazing crafts!! Hahaha . So I let my blog sit for a year without any posts! Now I'm back without any creative and amazing crafts to share but I promised myself I would change that! I'm sure somewhere on one of my many memory cards I can come up with something to get me started! So here it is...kid of the house's second birthday party. He was in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that was the theme. His birthday is in October which I love for the simple fact that pinata candy is super cheap! I decided on the theme in April. (I like at LEAST six months planning time so I can get things done and keep an eye out for cheap deals on things!) Sooo my birthday is in May and my amazing mother (and father) bought me Mickey and Friends and Mickey Font cricut cartridges!! Yay mom, you're the best! Then I got to work!

This is the birthday party invite. I wanted it to look like the Mickey Mouse ears you buy at Disneyland! I don't have Cricut Design Studio so I cut out the Mickey hat on the font cartridge and traced it onto a 12x12 sheet of black cardstock folded in half. Thank you to man of the house's cousin for coming over to help trace and cut! The Mickey head (face) is also cut from the font cartridge.

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece

Minnie Mouse Centerpiece
(Missing her name! Not sure where it went!)

Pluto Centerpiece

Donald Duck Centerpiece

Daisy Duck Centerpiece

Goofy Centerpiece

All the cans for the centerpieces are from the Dollar Spot @ Target! Oh how I love Target! Target didn't have a yellow can so the man of the house spray painted a pink one yellow for me. The heads for the characters are from the Mickey Font cartridge. The full characters, names, and 2 extras per character were all from the Mickey and Friends cartridge.

This was the party favor for all the kiddos. Mickey Mouse fruit snacks, Animal Crackers, Bubbles (6 pack from the .99 cents only store that I found in April! I just cut white cardstock the size of the label and mod podged it on then added Mickey stickers), Mickey crayons (4 crayons in a box/12 boxes in a package. $2.99 @ Party City) and MMC Character notepad (12 in a package. $2.99 @ Party City)

Party favor all put together. I used clear bags from Target (20 for $1.99.) Red cardstock dry embossed with tiny dots and then the Mickey shape from the fonts cartridge. Oh and the filler paper was found at Michaels on clearance...wish I bought 20 bags of it instead of just 2! What was I thinking?