Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snowman Soup

One day (back in winter '09) when I was walking around Dollar Tree I saw the cutest snowman mugs! You see em down there? Pretty stinking cute huh? Well I just had to have 'em! So I picked thru the shelf for the best looking ones. I thought they would be perfect for snowman soup!! Now who was I going to give snowman soup to? Of course my mom cause she collects snowman but who else? Kid of the Houses teachers! So off I went to Target to get my white filler paper (ummm I'm kinda in love with it!),candy canes, hot chocolate, and mini marshmallows. Well, you will never guess what I found @ Target!! You give up? OK....

SNOWMANMALLOWS...OMG just perfect for Snowman Soup right? Right! So I bought a package, okay 2. Once I got home I ate a few then started putting some into little ziploc baggies. I added white filler paper to the mugs, then hot chocolate and marshmallows. Then I realized I didn't buy candy canes! It was all the SnowmanMallows fault. They had me all excited that I just plain forgot about candy canes! So off I go to Walgreens. While in Walgreens I see chocolate covered marshmallow snowmen and just needed to have 'em for my Snowman Soup. Don't worry, this time I didn't forget the candy canes. Once I returned home I added a chocolate covered marshmallow snowman and 2 candy canes to the mug! So very cute!

I wrapped it up in clear cellophane, added some curling ribbon, and a tag with the Snowman Soup poem.

I cannot find the poem anywhere on my computer but I'm sure if you google "Snowman Soup," you can find it very quickly! Sorry :(

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  1. I want to steal that idea for gifts next year! I have to say, I had no idea this was you until you left your post, and now I can check out yours. You know you'll have to do more posting, right? In your spare time? And yeah...Soren's pretty silly. Rudy is just very mature. :)